Katalog Product

Agen Electrik Water Heater Rheem EV Series

 Product Features :

- Heater Tank - the rheem tank, long proven in millions of instalations worldwide is coated with the exclusive  rheemglas vitreous enamel which fuses to solid steel at 870 c. The result is a smooth and tough surface that effectively resist the  corrosive attacks of hot water chemicals, thus ensuring a long life span of the rheem heater.

- Insulation protection - CFC free polyurethane foam insulation is injected and surrounds the tank, filling the space between the inner tank and outer  colorbond jacket thus providing an exceptionally good heat retention barrier.

- Heater Jacket - Tough, thick gauge colorbond steel jacket not only provides added protection againt rough handing but also resist corrosion even in high humidity condition.

- Installation - For wall hung heater models, wall installation brackets and anchor bolt are provided as standard.

- Compliace - International requirement IEC 60336-2-21. Tested and approved by Singapore PSB Corporation.

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